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"Troubleshooting for your hot tub problem.  These are only suggestions for repair.  A service call may be required.  Never attempt any repair you are NOT qualified to make.  Always use caution." 
Problem: NOTHING WORKS ON SPA - no light on topside panel.  (This indicates no power to spa and is probably electrical.)
            1. Start at the electrical box outside for your spa disconnect.  If you have a pull style breaker - remove or for a toggle or switch style breaker cut off, on, off and leave OFF.
            2. Go to the electrical panel box inside your home.  Locate the breaker for you spa.  This has a large double switch style breaker.  Cut this breaker off, on, off.  Leave OFF for 30 seconds.  Cut this breaker back on.
            3. Go to outside disconnect again.  Re-install pull disconnect or cut the toggle style breaker on.
            4. Go to spa.  If the control panel lights up wait for the temperature display or phrase push any button to continue to display before pushing any functions.  Your spa should be reset.
            5. If the same problem is present or re-occurs you will need a service call or an electrician to check your home breakers.  Please call for service.
Problem: NOTHING WORKS ON SPA BUT THE CONTROL PANEL IS ON.  Refer to owners manual.  Your panel is locked.  Follow unlock procedure.
Problem: FLO ERROR.
            1. Remove and clean filter(s).  Cut breaker off for 30 minutes to reset panel.  With filter(s) out cut breaker on.  If spa resets return filter(s)to spa.  Watch carefully for the next few days.  If problem returns your filter(s) may need to be replaced.  Check date of purchase - filter life - (1-2 years) depending on care and water source.
            2. If Flo error returns immediately upon breaker reset.
     (For troubleshooting a Dimension One Spa or Sundance Spa)
         1. Your circulation pump has a continuous stream of water (bubbles) that come out in the footwell area.  Check for this stream of water.  If NO WATER (bubbles) are coming out and you changed your water recently the circulation pump may need to be primed.  Place your garden hose over the circulation jet hole and force water back into the circulation pump, this will prime it.  If you still do not get water (bubbles) the circulation pump may need to be replaced.  Call for service.
            2.  If water is coming out but NOT continuously then the flo switch will need to be replaced.  Call for service.